FIS Snowboard World Cup (1st - 2nd February 2013 )

Last week at Blue Mountain we were lucky enough to have some of the world’s best snowboarders on our very own slopes, competing in the FIS snowboardcross event this year and I even saw a mountie!!

Some of the competitors have even won olympic golds for their country, so it’s safe to say they could teach me a thing or two! The Snowboardcross event, which is one of the 5 disciplines involved in the FIS Snowboard World Cup, sees the athletes race down a complex course ridden with razor sharp turns and difficult jumps, side by side and whoever crosses the line quickest is crowned the Snowboardcross champion.

This year Canada’s very own Chris Robanske took his first ever victory infront of a home crowd and it was amazing to see his sheer joy infront of estatic audience. Eva Samkova of the Czech Republic set the bar for the women’s event, leaving Canadian favourite, Dominique Maltais left to settle for second place, though still leading the overall championship.

Watching the event now having experienced the easier slopes Blue Mountain has to offer, really made me appreciate the crazy amounts of talent all the individual competitors have and the hard work they most have to put in to reach that level. All I can say is, back to the slopes for me! Practice (hopefully) makes perfect! 

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